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Title:displaying the video in black and white     Time:2012-3-17  

Why is the TV monitor only displaying the video in black and white?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  
1. Please make sure that the DVR color format and the monitor/TV color format are the same. 
Also please check if the monitor/TV can support the color format (PAL/NTSC) from the DVR.
Title:power supply issues     Time:2012-3-22  

Why does the DVR is not working after being connected to the power supply ?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check if the power supply is connected to the DVR.

2. Please make sure the power switch located on the back panel of the DVR is switched ON.

3. Check if the power supply is connected to the motherboard.

4. Check if you are using the correct voltage as specified by the unit.

Title:slow response time after boot-up     Time:2009-7-10  

Why does the DVR respond very slowly after boot up?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  
1. The DVR system will check all the data on the hard-disk. This will slow the DVR loading speed
2. Hard-Disk errors will cause the system to check the hard-disk slowly. 
Title:reboot after it has been switched on     Time:2012-3-22  

Why does the DVR system continue to reboot after it has been switched on?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Hard-disk is not FAT32 format, or hard-disk has logic error will cause system reboot. 

2. Please check if the color format (PAL/NTSC) in the record setting is correct. If the DVR video is set to PAL but the input is NTSC,  the SYSTEM will keep on rebooting, and vice versa.

3. input voltage may not be stable or too low.

4. Check if there are defects in the hard drive or to the hard drive cable.

5. Be sure to keep the DVR away from environments where it the temperature may be to high; excessive dust or other environs that may affect in it operation.

6. Check if the connections are correct located on both the front and rear panel of the DVR.

Title:DVR freezes during play-back      Time:2012-3-17  

Why does the DVR freezes during play-back or checking play-back information?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  
Please make sure the hard-disk connection is correct.
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