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Title:boot failure     Time:2012-3-19  

Why does the DVR system stay on the self-test screen after being booted up?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  
Please check all connections bewteen the DVR and HD. Make sure the HD settings are correct. Make sure the HD is properly installed and proper connected with the motherboard. The DVR system is able to start with no HD installed. The screen will be prompted to "the system does not dectect disk information, continue?," press the "OK" button after the DVR system starts.
Title:remote internet access     Time:2012-3-22  

How to remotely access the DVR system via the internet?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

IE Browser configuration setting:

1. Open the IE browser

2. Click on the "Tools" option.

3. Click on the "Internet Options"

4. Click on the "Security" tab to select the "Internet" icon; Select "Custom Level" to enable all "ActiveX Controls and plug-ins."

5. Change the Security Level to "Safe."

6. Also from the "Security" tab page: Click on the icon "Trusted sites" and click on sites, to enter in the DVR's IP address (eg: Note: most websites requires verirfication from the server.

7. In the IE browser address bar enter in the DVR's IP address(eg Fill in the correct user name and password to access the website page remotely view and control the DVR.


Vista/Windows 7 OS configuration:

Notice: The CMS client software will not function properly unless it is properly set up by an IT administrator. The user can make all the necessary correction if they choose the "Run as Adminstrator" function.


IE32 and IE64 bits:

Attention: The DVR is not compatible with a 64-bit IE browser. Please switch to a 32-bit IE browser so the system can be used properly via the internet.


DVR with supported AutoID feature:

1.Confirm that the external network port mapping is correct, test whether the external IP is correctly connected to the DVR:

2. Please check if the DVR's AutoID switch is turned on;

3. Please check if the DNS network configuration to the the DVR is set correctly.

4. enter http://ipremoteview.com or http://ipremoteview.CN. Test if the the AutoID funtion can be used normally.

Title:DDNS remote access     Time:2012-3-19  

How to remotely access the DVR system through the DDNS?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. The router plug: Router plug-in is an intergrated DDNS router, through the application of the domain name and services, fill in the application that proceeds USER name and password routed DDBS module related items, monitoring equipment of the access point required by the router for port mapping.

2 Intergrated DDNS monitoring equipment: DVRs with intergrated DDNS, the same user name and password must be applied to the DDNS service and directly connected to an ADSL broadband line. Direct access to a remote monitoring terminal domain.

3. Run DDNS client software; Run on any one PC or server with the LAN to the DDNS client, the domain name resolves to the IP address of the public IP address of the LAN gateway at the exit, at the gateway port mapping to point to the monitoring equipment.

Title:no display on the computer monitor or TV     Time:2012-3-19  

Why if there is no display on the computer monitor or TV?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check if the power supply is connected properly.

2. If the power supply is properly connected, please check if the monitor is tuned on and the video cable is connected properly.

3. Be sure that the monitor is plugged into an electrical outlet; the monitor should display a blue background and the word "OFF," then the DVR menu should open to the corresponding channel that will be able to display an image.

Title:display distoted & system interference     Time:2012-3-19  

What to do if the display image is distorted or the system recieves interference?

Reply: Time:2012-3-23  

1. Please check all the video connection for bad wiring, open/short circuiting, bad solder connections, or defective components.

2. Strong electrical intereference will affect the video display. Please be sure to avoid crossing electrical lines and video cables.

3. Ground the system with the single point grounding screw located in the back of the device. It is not recommended to use more than one grounding connections.

4. Check if the camera or monitor, if they are working properly. Also please check if there if any of the lines are worn.

Title:problems with color distortions and brightness     Time:2012-3-19  

What if there is problems with color distortions and brightness during real-time viewing and video recording?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Restore the system back to the factory settings and restart it back up.

2 Adjust the video settings on the DVR monitor.

Title:Why you cannot control the PTZ camera?     Time:2012-3-19  

Why you cannot control the PTZ camera?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check if the PTZ decoder setting, cablings, and installation are correct. Check if the 485 signal wire polarity are reversed .

2. Check the PTZ control protocol, baud rate, and DVR system settings are correctly connected to each other. (more than 9600 baud rate may cause an error code to appear. Controls may be sensitive.)

3. Check if the PTZ camera is set to the correct address code and the DVR system is set to the correct channel that correlates with each other (if not, please make sure you have made the correct adjustments to the address code to match the channel settings). Currently in today's market, PTZ decoder models can make the necessary make the necessary adjustment automatically if the addresses do not match. 


Title:Why is the external alarm does not trigger?     Time:2012-3-19  

Why is the external alarm does not trigger?

Reply: Time:2012-3-23  

1. Please check the DVR system's recording timer settings. If the the alarm triggers and the DVR does not record video, please check if the connection settings are correct between the DVR and the specified alarm sensor. The sensor must correspond with the alarm in order for it operate properly.

2. Make sure the motion sensor are set properly and it turned on.

3. Make sure the external alarm setting in the DVR is turned on.

Title:Why is there no sound during play-back?     Time:2012-3-22  

Why is there no sound during play-back?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check the audio settings for the DVR recording is switched on.

2. Check if the video monitor or TV volume is muted.

Title:DVR system cannot locate the HD     Time:2012-3-19  

What if the DVR system cannot locate the HD or an error occurs from the HD?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Make sure your HD controller is set as a master mode.

2. Please check if there is any damage to the HD and check if there if it connected to the power supply.

3. Check disk error, if is a logical error, mount your HD to your computer to delete the partition or hard disk for maitenance. Remove the HD from your computer and install it back into the DVR to ensure it is in proper working order. If there is some physical damage to the drive, please have it replaced.

4. Please be sure that Hard drive has been correctly installed.

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