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Title:video storage time     Time:2012-3-22  

Video storage time

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. The system will calculate the amount of memory that can be used for storing video recording by factoring in the bit-rate settings and the HD memory capacity.

2. Please make all the necessary adjustments depending on the situation needed by reducing the code flow, lowering the FPS rate for each channel, reducing video resolution, or getting a HD with a bigger memory capacity.

Title:mosaic issues during play-back     Time:2012-3-22  

What is there are mosaics while viewing the play-back from the web?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. View the video locally if the the DVR system fails.

2. Check the system's network traffic for congestion; if there is heavy traffic on the network, this will result in audio and video signal loss.

3. Please check the system server for any of the following conditions: slow CPU speed, inadequate RAM memory, or a defective video adaptor card.

Title:DVR crashes during normal operational use     Time:2012-3-22  

Why does the DVR crashes during normal operational use?

Reply: Time:2012-3-23  

1. Check the HD connections and the HD itself for any defects or damage; if there is a problem with the HD and/or any of the connections to the HD; please replace the HD and/or the connections.

Title:remote control to the DVR does not work     Time:2012-3-22  

What if the remote control to the DVR does not work?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check if the battery in the remote control is still good; if not please replace it with a new battery.

2. The remote control is too far away for the DVR to receive a command signal.

3. Inspect the DVR's infrared receiver and the remote control's infrared transmitter for any damage or defects.

Title:motion sensor does not trigger the alarm     Time:2012-3-22  

Why does the motion sensor does not trigger the alarm?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check if both the alarm and motion sensor is turned on.

2. Check and confirm if the motion detection zones are properly set.

3. Check if the motion sensor's sensitivity is set too low.


Title:turn off the video image from displaying     Time:2012-3-22  

Why is the DVR system still recording images? How can I turn off the video image from displaying?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Manually stop the recording by clicking on the "Stop Recording" icon located in the tool bar.

2. Check the settings for the "recording schedule" if the video interface is set to "no video."

Title:system time not correctly displayed     Time:2012-3-22  

Why is the system time not correctly displayed?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. DVR system will boot up after adjusting the date and time; click to confirm with "Save" button

2. Please check if there is a battery installed into the system board.

3. Please be sure that the DVR motherboard's is still good; if not please replace it with a new battery.

Title:no sound after the monitor is connected     Time:2012-3-22  

Why is there no sound after the monitor is connected?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check if the audio input interface connection is correct.

2. Check the volume controls on the selected channel; select the channel you wish to watch and see if the audio signals match with the selected channel.

3. Check all connections for damage damage or defect.

Title:warning message appears     Time:2012-3-22  

What to do if a warning message appears?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check if the hard drive have been formatted

2. Check power and data connections to the hard drive are correct.

3. Check if there is any corruption in the hard drive.

4. Check if the SATA interface is working properly.

Title:video output channel or video image issues     Time:2012-3-22  

What if there is no video output channel or video image not able to display properly?

Reply: Time:2012-3-22  

1. Check the connections on the DVR's video input and output ports.

2. Check if there is a video signal coming from the camera.

3. Check the video signal input mode, check if the monitor uses either PAL/NTSC/SECAM system and adjust the system to match.

4. Confirm that the preview feature is selected to the correct input channel.

5. Confirm whether the DVR video settings are correctly set.

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