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Company History
Published Date£º2012-3-16 Click Quantity£º4282

Founded in 2002, formerly as Lan Castle; now as LB Technology is now a leading manufacuture of digital video recorder, CCD camera, high speed dome camera and other security products in China.
There are already a lot of successful security products developed in Lan Castle. Still we devote ourselves to the innovation to satisfy the requirement from our customers.

Nov. 2002            
Lan Castle Technology Co., Ltd. Founded

Feb. 2003~2004   
Developed network hub, switch, and router products

Sep. 2004             
Started to develop wired and wireless surveillance products
Sep. 2005             
Established the branch offices in ShenZhen, GuangZhou. 
The first generation D221XC stand-alone DVR was introduced to the market.
Oct. 2005            
Launched the 1st generation CCD camera, IR camera to the market.
Dec. 2005           
The 1st generation H.264 stand-alone DVR was launched to the market.
Feb. 2006            
The 1st generation digital wireless surveillance system applied to the ¡°ZhongShan City Wireless Car DVR System¡±.

Feb. 2006           
Awarded as "The First Class Security Industry In Zhongshan"
Mar.~May 2006   
Launched 69 series of wireless surveillance systems in Hongkong, Birminghan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou Exhibition.
Apr. 2006            
Established Chengdu, Shanghai branch offices.
July. 2006           
Mr. Liu and Mr. Xu of the Ministry of China Public Security visited Lan Castle.
Sep. 2006           
Awarded the honor of ¡°Top 50 Company in China's Security Industry¡±.
Oct. 2006          
¡°AN-TONE¡± became the brand name of Lan Castle products.
Nov. 2006           
Lan Castle wireless surveillance system was reported by mass media in China.
Nov. 2006           
The Chief of Shanghai Public Security Department visited Lan Castle.
Jan. 2007           
The sales revenue of Lan Castle reached RMB40M.
Apr. 2007           
Lan Castle doubled the production scale and expanded its plant.
Jun. 2007           
The city public security department of Changshu, Jiangsu province visited Lan Castle.
Sep. 2007         
Awarded the honor of ¡°Top 100 Company In China's Security Industry¡±.
Nov. 2007         
Awarded the honor of ¡°The Golded Censer Prize On National Security Exhibition".
Jan. 2008          
The new home page www.an-tone.com.cn was opened.
Jan. 2008           
The sales revenue of Lan Castle exceeded RMB120M.
Mar. 2008         
Launched many new products, including MPEG-4 & H.264 DVR, high speed dome camera.
Apr. 2008           
Awarded the honor of "Top 10 Customer Satisfacation Products".
Apr. 2008          
Lan Castle moved into the new workshop and expanded the production ability.

Jun. 2008           
Took part in Guangzhou Security Exhibition and achived the success.

Sep. 2008          
Awarded the honor of ¡°Top 100 Company In China's Security  Industry¡± again and the honor of "The Recommended Products For Peaceful City".
Sep. 2008          
Took part in Shenzhen International City Safety Expo and achived the success.
Nov. 2008         
Lan Castle high speed dome camera was specified by Guangdong Branch, China Telecom.
Dec. 2008         
Took part in Beijing Security Expo and achived the success.
June. 2009     
Lan Castle was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for being a high-tech enterprise.
July. 2009         
Lan Castle was recognized as a 2008 Top 10 Greatest Potential Brand in the Security Industry by HC Security Network.
Nov. 2009        
Security industry leaders from many countries visited Lan Castle and  praised the company.
Dec. 2009        
Lan Castle officially offered a toll-free customer service hotline.
Jan.  2010       
Lan Castle was recognized as one of the 2009 Top 10 Influential Security Brands in China by HC Security Network.
Apr.  2010        
Security professionals from different provinces visited Lan Castle in a visit organized by HC Security Network. 
June. 2010      
Lan Castle was recognized as one of the companies listed in CPS¡¯s first industry development index, ¡°China Security Industry Development Economic Index,¡± by Shenzhen Safety and Defense Industry Association.
June. 2010      
Lan Castle was recognized as one of China¡¯s ¡°2009 Top 30 Security Companies¡± by HC Security Network. 
July. 2010      
Lan Castle was recognized as an ¡°Excellent Security Enterprise¡± in 2010 by Guangdong Public Security and Protection Technology Association.
November 2011
Lan Castle formally changed it image and trademark for LB Technology Co Ltd. Even though our company name has changed, our tradition of striving for excellence of customer service and advancing technology will still remain.


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