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Lan Castle Won the 100 Most Competitive Security Enterprises of China
Published Date£º2009-5-20 Click Quantity£º2858


Lan Castle was certified as one of the ¡°Top 100 Chinese Security Companies, 2008¡±

    The ¡°Top 100 Chinese security product committee¡± is organized by the International Security Product Brand Name Lab, the China Institution for Public Security Research, the China Public Security Magazine, and the Security and Surveillance Manufacturers¡¯ Association in Shenzhen to nominate the 100 most competitive enterprises for security products in China. This nomination is an official campaign by government organizations. The purpose is to push Chinese companies to develop more self owned intellectual properties and to encourage enterprises to put more resources into R&D for the purpose of advancing technologies.
    AN-TONE Technology has transferred various technologies from different international hi-tech design houses, and improved the tech by our in-house RD team for more useful, user friendly and robotic products. In addition, we have a very good quality assurance system that our customers are satisfied with our services. This devotion for excellence makes An-Tone to win the honorable title as ¡°one of the 100 most competitive security enterprises of China¡± in 2008.


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