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Chinese International Public Security Product Exhibition Closed Successfully
Published Date2009-5-20 Click Quantity2477

   The Chinese International Public Security Product Exhibition was convened ceremoniously in Shenzhen from 1st to 4th Nov. The scene was magnificent, which was important for the security product industry. As one of the important producers --- Lan Castle has the motto Latest, complete, and the best has taken part in this exhibition. Many customers (old and new) visited our booth and discussed with us during the exhibition.
    This time we our work motto is Latest Technology and High Quality as our target when producing several new items (MPEG4 and H.264 internet DVRsnew vehicle DVR, Mini embed DVR & IP Camera. We attracted many customers from home and abroad due to our new product lines.
    We took part in many ceremonies such as the JinDing Award Ceremony at the exhibition. Finally Lan Castle won the JinDing prize by the strength and technology of our products.


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